Digitising the biomechanical


The GeBioM GROUP is a family-owned Company-Group from Münster, Germany. The parent company GeBioM was founded in 1994. Besides GeBioM five further companies and brands a part of the Group. Every part of the group is dealing with digitization of biomechanics and is thereby active in industries in which biomechanic is used.

For these industries the group others various services in the fields of Software, Technology, Development & Training. Die Group has a strong foundation in the European area but is also active worldwide.

The companies and brands of the GEBIOM GROUP


GEBIOM mbH is the parent company and at the same time the technology and software development partner for all Group companies. GEBIOM also offers these services to other industrial partners. The services primarily include developments in the field of pressure measurement systems in the biomechanical environment and the associated - or independent - software solutions.

GEBIOM has successfully utilised its 25 years of development and engineering experience in funded research projects time and again.


Do you know what the last German beach volleyball Olympic champion teams and the Dutch rowing eight have in common?

All of them are supported and supervised by bioµchanics in performance diagnostics.

bioµchanics offers performance diagnostics in the top sports sector. The starting point is the combination of biomechanical know-how and digital measurement data.

go-tec GmbH

go-tec GmbH offers technologies and software solutions for the orthopaedic market. The solutions of go-tec represent the entire spectrum of measurment, construction and production in the field of insoles and shoelasts.

The go-tec software solutions enable not only the digital design of the products with an independent CAD software, but also digital production with the help of specially developed 3D printing processes.

In addition, the relevant processes from POS to production and billing in the ERP system can be networked across different locations.


gebioMized was founded in 2005 and focuses primarily on the development and distribution of innovative technologies on the subject of bikefitting. The portfolio includes products that measure and visualize the pressure conditions at the saddle, pedal and handlebars contact points. In cooperation with various partners, gebioMized also operates six own concept labs throughout Germany, in which bicycles and cyclists are perfectly matched to each other. Since 2019, gebioMized has been offering its own saddle line under the label “Secret Saddle Club”.


With CUBIX we provide you with our special CAD module. Specially developed for 3D Printing.

Just as every foot is different, so must every insole be. The insoles can be individually adapted to the foot in the CAD programme. Thanks to 3D printing, precise processing is possible, for example, different degrees of hardness can be implemented within an insole.


BIOMOTO is a concept that combines sport-specific analyses with a unique sports insole concept.

BIOMOTO franchisees will be provided with technology solutions and special training concepts. In addition, franchisees benefit from a uniform and international marketing approach with an emotional customer response.